In 2004, Georgia Hall embarked on a journey to unveil her exuberant and audacious spirit through the birth of - State of Georgia.
Her artistic journey was ignited at a young age, a spirited performer at heart, with an unwavering love for the Bohemian essence. From her earliest days, she revelled in the sheer joy of dressing up, thus sowing the seeds of a lifelong passion. Georgia began travelling the world as a young performer, acting and dancing across the stage, it was here that her innate expressiveness and her love for the vibrant palette of life blossomed.
Originating as an Australian brand, State of Georgia swiftly captured hearts with its bespoke vintage-inspired prints and feminine silhouettes. However, after relocating to Bali, the brand quickly transformed to reflect the effortless and beautifully bright island life, as well as the colourful culture of her magnetic new home.  
Fast forward to today; Georgia continues to create collections that embody natural fabrications, exclusive prints and effortless silhouettes with a hint of 70s bohemian glamour. In every stitch, in every bold colour, State of Georgia continues to embody her spirit, inviting all to embrace their own ever-evolving selves.
Our commitment at State of Georgia is unwavering—to craft well-made and timeless pieces designed to celebrate life and cherished for years to come. Our responsible business journey is rooted in the foundation of People, Product, and Planet. Each of these pillars is carefully woven with our core focus on empowering women, safeguarding our oceans, and preserving the beauty of nature.